Joey Muha

1 – When did you start playing drums?

I started playing drums around the age of 14. My brother, Willie, was playing in a band with a bunch of his friends and I really just wanted to be able to play with him
2 – Who inspired you to learn to play?
My biggest drumming influence of all time is Vinnie Paul of Pantera. They’re the first metal band I really got into and Pantera is all I listened to for the first couple years after I started drumming. Once I heard As The Palaces Burn by Lamb of God, I knew I had a new favorite drummer.
3 – Have you always played covers or have you been in previous bands?
Well obviously I’ve always practiced to other bands but I started making videos so I could view my techniques and see how I could improve my playing. Then when the videos starting getting some attention, I started recording more frequently and here we are today! Anyway, I’ve played in a few different bands over the course of my life. They are; Weapons of Mass Destruction, Our Lady of Bloodshed and OPTICS. Pretty colorful names, huh?
4 – You’re teaching on now, what’s that experience been like?
Being able to teach alongside some of the best musicians in the industry is unbelievable! Also, the staff at BANDHAPPY is very accommodating.
5 – You uploaded a lot of covers on Youtube.. Which has been your favorite
and least favorite to play?
It’s so hard to choose! For most favourite, it’s a tie between The Chicken Dance ( and Whitechapel’s This is Exile ( My least favourite video would have to be 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne ( I hate Lil Wayne but I made it for a friend of mine.
6 – You filled in for Farewell to Freeway on their last U.S tour. How was that experience?
That was my first taste of US touring and I had a blast! Although, I may have gone a little overboard on the drinking haha. The band who opened for us (Wolves at The Gate) has new album coming out July 3rd. Check it out!
7 – Tell us a little about the Simcoe Metalfest you’ll be performing at?
After playing in a band for so many years as a drummer, you get used to hiding at the back of the stage while the singer is the focal point. I’ve been lining up a few shows lately of just strictly drum performances and it’s a little strange to me. Anyway, Simcoe Metalfest is on its second year and features 10 bands from around the area and as far out as Toronto. Check the event for additional information:
8 – First and last record you bought that you remember?
Believe it or not, the first album I ever bought was The Eminem Show. Solid record!
9 – Where can people find you online?
Check out these links!
10 – LA Kings or New Jersey Devils?
Good question. I think we both know that old man Marty is gonna take his team to the cup for the 4th time!
11 – Any last words?
Thanks to my family and especially my parents for putting up with all the noise through the years!